SAYSKY Camouflage running gear

A Trip Down the SAYSKY Camo Memory Lane

Join us on a trip down the SAYSKY camouflage memory lane. We've rounded up some of the highlight designs throughout the past seasons. The camo pattern has been with us ever since SAYSKY was launched in 2013 and it'll continue to be a part of our DNA in the future as well. That's for sure.

New Pattern Styles and Colors

The original design was a classic Woodland pattern, which we later switched up with the more geometrical Splinter camo. The latter stayed with us for quite some time, colors and seasons, before we introduced the new Tiger Camo print this year.

Shop the new Tiger Camo range here, available in Forest Green and Snow White editions.

The SAYSKY Camo History

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThe Woodland Camo design in print form. This was the first camo design that was used in some of the earliest SAYSKY styles. Maybe we'll see a comeback in the future?

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThis was the first edition of the long-lasting Splinter Camo print, which followed us for a couple of seasons. Here seen as part of the SS17 range.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearA snowy edition of the Splinter camo. This was part of the AW17 collection.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearLaunched at the same time as its white sibling from above, this red Splinter camo design is still to date one of the most popular to fly out the SAYSKY doors.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThe Spring/Summer of 2018 is where all the cool female SAYSKY fans had their very own camo design. No unisex. No sharing. But still keeping it in the now very recognisable Splinter design.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThis killer and very explicit design was also released in the Spring/Summer 2018 season, and it probably ranks highest as the most bold design so far.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearSnow camo is equally popular and cool and as such it was a no-brainer to re-introduce the AW17 design, in more Summer-friendly styles.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThe Sub Rosa range was introduced as a capsule and stand-alone lineup late in 2018. The entire collection evolved around the subtle, yet elegant Splinter Camo design as seen on the picture.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearSay hello to the Tiger Camp print. We debuted this design, as we ran across the rugged island of Lanzarote during the Spring/Summer 19 shoot.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearDespite having introduced a new and very fresh Tiger Camo print in 2019, we still wanted to bid a (perhaps) final farewell to the iconic Splinter design - with a desert style look.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThe Autumn/Winter 2019 green Forest Tiger design as seen in its natural habitat.

SAYSKY Camouflage running gearThe final camo design of 2019 - the Snow Tiger is both elegant and fast-looking. Not a bad way to end the year. What's next? Well, we already have a lot of cool and new designs coming up...