Why be a star?

As we are about to round up the year, we feel the need to dig a little into the story behind SAYSKY. Some of you might wonder why we say: “be a star” and would like to know a little more about us. 

SAYSKY was launched in 2013 with a mission to create premium sportswear that had something else. That something else is what Lars, the founder and CEO, wanted to produce. He wanted to make urban clothing, with a casual, yet slightly provocative attitude. Not because Lars is rebellious – he desired to elevate the apparel scene of sports and wished for everyone to dare more in their life’s. The company is called “SAY-SKY”, as you should look up into the sky and dream big.

"Be a star" and our logo (the star) is therefore something that has been with us from the beginning. It means that you are a star in whatever you do, and that you should dare to be brave, and dare to take risks and follow your dreams.

We admire the hardworking moms and dads, with full-times jobs and kids that needs to be taken care off, but at the same time manage to run twice or even more a week. It’s not always about being the best, it’s about being your own best.