SAYSKY interview Project Iceland

Project: Iceland

Mads and his best friend Lui are into adventures and whenever they get a crazy idea - they go for it! Earlier in 2019, both guys came to SAYSKY with the dream to hike and run on Iceland and take videos of themselves wearing SAYSKY. They simply wanted to experience as much of Iceland as they could. How could we ever say no to the two dreamers? 

Read the inspiring interview below and watch the video they made in the end of the interview. 

1) Could you start off this interview with introducing the both of you and how you became friends?
My name is Mads I am 30 years old and live in Copenhagen. I have been on Iceland together with my friend Lui. Lui and I go way back where we both studied to become photographers. Since then we have kept the contact together. We both really enjoy to go out and travel together.

2) This Iceland project, how did you come up with the idea? And how long did it take to plan and execute?
Both Lui and I like to be out in the nature and experience magnificent things that you don’t see in your everyday life. Besides traveling, we love to run together. When we had the opportunity to both take photos and promote SAYSKY in nice settings, we couldn’t say no! We had planned it for about half a year in advance. The route we took is called Laugavegur – a long-distance trail in Southern Iceland. It runs from the Landmannalaugur geothermal springs to the Þórsmörk nature reserve.

3) How long was your trip? And what was the nicest part of the island?
We did the trip in about 5 days. After that we had an overnight stay on the Sólheimasandur plane wreck. Yes, you heard right. We slept in an old plain wreck! That was a total wild experience. The reason why we slept there was because we wanted to wake up early and shot a film. Then we could make sure that no tourists were out there and that the lighting was perfect. That was without doubt the most amazing experience on the whole trip and was something completely unique.

4) Did you meet any obstacles while climbing/running around Iceland that you perhaps didn’t expect before travelling?
The trip was very smooth with no problems. When that is being said, Iceland is very BIG! And it’s quite difficult to manage to get around without a car. We barely managed to hitchhike a trip to Reykjavik from the Southern part of Iceland – a trip that is nearly 3 hours.

5) What were your favorite clothes to run in during this trip? Any suggestions for people out there wanting to do the same?
In connection with our trip, we ran in SAYSKY’s newest fall collection. Our favorite was definitely the Trackster Pants, as well as the Tiger Pace Longsleeve tee. That set was so nice, especially because we could hike in them. The pants and the tee were very comfortable to wear, and we can recommend you to wear the Trackster on your airplane trip too!

6) What were your immediate thoughts about this project after your trip? Will you be doing something similar in the future? And have you learned something from the trip you that you will bring along?
Iceland is without doubt the most beautiful place I have ever been and I would recommend for everyone to go there. You can find some amazing marathon runs on Iceland that I will definitely take part of. I guess that is my next project.