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#SAYSKYRACING: Summer Challenge

We've had so much fun with the #sayskyracing challenges over the past couple of months - and it's been an absolute blast to see the thousands of creative and cool contributions from our passionate community. We're now ready with the final challenge of the season.


#SAYSKYRACING: Birthday Edition

To celebrate our 7-year birthday and the progressive growth of our global community, we challenge you to go for a 7k run between July 1 and July 5, with every km being faster and faster.



We've officially partnered up with the Speed Project for their next race, TSP DIY, a global, decentralized event - starting at 13.00 CET on September 5, 2020. Teams will have 31 hours and 15 minutes (the standing TSP record) to run as many kilometers as they can, relay-style.
SAYSKY racing

7 Days Back-2-Back: #sayskyracing is not cancelled

The past two challenges have been all about speeding and all-out efforts. Now we change the pace a little bit and challenge you to enjoy the summer with 7 days of back-2-back running. No days off. You know the drill.

SAYSKY confetti

Keep the race vibes going #sayskyconfetti

To get those race vibes going again, we've created a 100 small bags of confetti, with the hope that you'll bring it along on your next run, throw it up in the air and then run right through it, as if you're celebrating a new PB. 
SAYSKY racing

SAYSKY 10k Global Leaderboard: #SAYSKYRACING is not cancelled

Last week we crowned the fastest 5k racer in the global SAYSKY community - this weekend (June 11 - June 15), we go double up on the pain and distance. 10k all out. No prior achievements accepted. We're only interested in your current corona shape.

Keep it Fun: SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020

Keep it Fun: SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020

We're serious about our sport, but don't take ourselves too seriously. Because running is so much more than just hitting PB's and collecting race medals. And also what's the point, if you don't have a little fun along the way?

SAYSKY 5k Global Leaderboard: #SAYSKYRACING is not cancelled

Racing's been off the table for a while now and we know that a lot of you guys are desperate for the guns to go off again. Well, here's a little something to satisfy your racing needs for now. Because, it's about time that we settle who's the fastest 5k racer in the global SAYSKY community.

SAYSKY Fast Food

Does eating fast food make you faster?

This was the question that gave birth to the fifth and final drop of the season - the SAYSKY Fast Food series. But really there's more to the ice cream and burger prints, as we feel that a much more relaxed mindset and attitude are needed in the world of running.
SAYSKY Running

SAYSKY SS20: Drop 5 Video

That's it. The fifth and final drop of the Spring/Summer 2020 season. Some of you have already spotted the styles in the early teasers and consistently been asking about when they'd arriveWell, here we are. The Fast Food series - with ice cream and burger prints to keep it fun.

SAYSKY racing


With this challenge we're taking it up a notch on the creative side, as we ask you to create GPS Doodles on the run. If you don't know what this is, just Google it and it'll make sense right away.
SAYSKY racing


Hands down, this is one of the challenges we've been looking forward to the most, while cooking up the #SAYSKYRACING series. High-fives are banned for the time being (thank you Corona), so what better way to keep the spirits high, than to encourage virtual hand gestures in stead.