• Unbounded Running Comradery: IM 70.3

A lot of cool SAYSKY stars were racing the IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship in Helsingør last week. It was a hot day out there and SAYSKY founder Lars C. Pedersen found himself on the course to shoot pictures and provide support for the athletes. Good vibes, high fives and comradery all the way... This is the spirit of the SAYSKY community.

Check out the pictures to see the awesome attitudes and athletes right here.

If you find yourself in the pictures, please don't forget to share them with the rest of the World and remember to #saysky. We check out all the pictures #'ed "saysky" everyday. It's so inspiring and humbling to keep up with the growing community of fantastic athletes and passionate individuals out there. SAYSKY is all about the love for the sport. So when you see someone in SAYSKY, you can be absolutely sure that they are equally dedicated and inspired as you are. High five, fist bump or simply smile as you pass them. We're a global community of athletes who all put the hammer down and enjoy it, while we're at it. Embrace it and be a part it. Welcome to the World of SAYSKY. This is what we call "Unbounded Running Comradery". #sayskyworld #sayskyunbounded

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