• Not Made For Walking: Lars C. Pedersen


Last weekend Lars was spectating at the IRONMAN 70.3 European Championship in Helsingør. He was very inspired by the many cool SAYSKY stars and the fantastic comradery that he witnessed. You can check out the pictures and read about the experience here.

This also made him realize that he missed the thrill of racing. His last triathlon performance was at the IRONMAN World Championship in Kona, Hawaii in 2015. Therefore, he decided that it was time to get back in the water and up on the bike again. So with no training other than the occasional marathons and weekly running sessions, he signed up for Øresund Triathlon on Sunday.


Øresund Triathlon is a local triathlon race, located just north of Copenhagen. The start is at 7.00AM (CET) and you can keep track of Lars as he takes on the half ironman distance. He'll race with bib no. 67 and there'll be live tracking here.

As already mentioned, it has been quite some time ago since Lars has been swimming or cycling, so it'll be very interesting to see what the result will be on Sunday. He has raced the Øresund Triathlon on several occasions, always finishing Top 10. This is also where he had his triathlon debut in 2011, with a finish time of 4h22m. In 2014 he put down a PR here as well, crossing the finish line in 4h16m.

SAYSKY Ironman Copenhagen

IRONMAN Copenhagen, 2015: Lars qualified for Kona, but had to be carried away afterwards. Photo: Nikolai Linares.


So what will his time be on Sunday? You have the stats above, although it's been a while, so they might not mean much. On a side note we can tell that his IRONMAN PR is 9h11m. He'll race in the new Splinter Aero Suit 2.0 and one thing is for sure: it's not made for walking!

Go to our Facebook or Instagram pages and place your bid in the comment field. The winner will be awarded with the brand new SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0 - Splinter or Sky Captain - the choice is yours. Needless to say, but the bid must be placed before Sunday, 7.00AM (CET).

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Lars C. Pedersen
Lars C. Pedersen

June 26, 2017

Thanks for all the impressive time you guys trust me to do.

Here comes a little report from the race for those who have intrest.

The Swim: I did make a little 800m test-swim the day before just feel how cold 16,5 degrees’ actually felt like. It was cold but tolerable. I could see that a 1:45min/100m effort should be possible. So I aimed for a time around 35min. I did 36min something, which was acceptable considering the small chops constantly hitting.
My transition was pretty rookie, I forgot to take my suit half way down on the run to the bike. I just generally fiddled a lot before jumping on bike. Lost more than a 1min I would say.

The Bike: Well, hard to expect anything when you just assemble the bike after 1yr8month in the basement. I feared that the bike could kill my run and that 2h30min in the aero position could kill my neck. My SRM powermeter was out of battery so I had to rely on pulse. I have done my best ½ ironman running time with a 161 pulse and I have barely survived with a 176 pulse back in 2012.
I took the safe bet and aimed for a 158-160 pulse rhythm which I hoped could give me around 36 km/h meaning 2h30min bike ride. I followed my plan coming back with a 160 avg but it also took me 2h35min – I think a big reason was the wind but I must say staying in the aerobar all the time was hard. “Luckily” the aerobar came a bit loose (I did a poor job assembling the bike!!) so I could use this as an excuse to stay upright a bit more ☺.
I didn’t take one single gel only drank one bottle of energy drink. I guess the combination of a tough swim (drinking seawater) and being curled completely together made my stomach rewarding me with acid refluxes. Thanks a lot. My stomach obvious didn’t think this sudden triathlon thing was such a great idea.

The run: I guess we can all agree how nice it is to reach T2. Getting of the saddle was such a relief. And to be able to straighten up was like heaven. My feet was still could from the swim and I guess a lot of you know how it feels to run with cold feet. I took it easy in T2 and lost another 1min ☺ but hey I was ready to run. Ready to give all the SAYSKY athletes high fives as we crossed each other. I must admit that is actually a really nice feeling. One thing is to ‘five’ your friends another thing is to ‘five’ a person you don’t really know. It is just super cool energy. I can not state enough that one of my dreams with SAYSKY is that all you athletes out there will support each other no mater where you race. It makes the world smaller, brakes down barriers and just fuels everybody with energy. SAYSKY is about caring (but also about not to give a fvck about a lot of thing). For me the ‘five” is one of the things which I list under “caring”. This is the unbounded comradery.

Anyway, My stomach still thought I had not suffered enough so it continued to play offended which made my run pretty miserable. I tried to drink some water to neutralize but it didn’t help. I tried to concentrate to get my breath all the way down in my stomach (and not only in the lungs) and that didn’t help. Actually the breath concentration often help me in the marathons.
Well, I remembered having the same feeling when I put down a 3h07min marathon race at Challenge Copenhagen (full ironman). At that event a visit at the loo made all the difference. The first toilet was of course occupied and since I was on a sub5h mission I decided to continue running. Then finally a toilet which had green indicator, but the trick didn’t help me this time. My stomach really wanted me to suffer. When I got to the 14ish k – I really started to need sugar. I forced down 4 full cups of cola while walking 20 sec. (sorry ! #notmadeforwalking). The minutes after I was running and burping (those colas should be shaken) but anyway…that sugar intake really helped, and I think the walk also gave my stomach time to rest just a bit. At that time I didn’t think I would make the sub 5h. I didn’t have my exact time but I knew I had to finish before 12:00 since the start time was 7:00. At 17k I did the math again. You all know how hard it is to do the math while being tired on the run. My prediction said I hade to keep at least 4:45ish pace to get to the finish line in time. Not impossible and it gave me hope. So the last 4k’s was done in a sub4:10 pace and I reach the line in 4h56.

Today I am actually okay, my one Achilles is a bit sore (came from the bikeride, don’t know why) and the neck is killing me! But other than that I am fine. Still high about being back in the game.

I am honored that you most of you thought I would be faster, but if I did the same times as in the past it would be like a slap in the face to all the hours I have been training in the past.
My own idea was a 4:40ish finish and under the right circumstances and with a bit more concentration I would say it was possible. But that is the charm of endurance sport. So many parameters are in play.

Mahalo and High fives to everybody….



June 25, 2017

Any chance you’d do a winner for facebook AND instagram?!

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