The Copenhagen Pain Train: Lars C. Pedersen

The Copenhagen Pain Train: Lars C. Pedersen


Will Lars be back for revenge on Sunday, where he'll take on the Copenhagen Marathon course together with the rest of you? The SAYSKY founder had a rough time in Boston a month ago, so we're curious to see how he'll do this time around.

This is his home turf and the many local spectators will definitely be a great boost. But the weather forecast seems to be on warm side, so this might slow him and the rest of the field down. Copenhagen Marathon will be his 10th marathon in a little more than a year, which is quite impressive. Below you can see how he's performed at each of the events:

- Barcelona, March: 3:06:24
- Hamburg, April: 2:58:56
- Copenhagen, May: 2:48:39
- Ironman Copenhagen (Relay), August: 2:59:43
- Berlin, September: 2:57:28
- Amsterdam, October: 2:58:49
- Frankfurt, October: 3:04:45
    - Tokyo, February: 2:58:35
    - Boston, April: 3:09:50

      Given the track record from above, it seems realistic that another sub 3h performance is on the horizon, but it could also be a repeat of the pace 4.00 cruise from last year in Copenhagen. We'll see on Sunday.


      We've posted a competition on our Facebook and Instagram pages. Place your bid on his finish time in the comment fields, for your chance to win the Originated SS Tee and a Performance Cap of your own selection from the new Spring/Summer 2017 collection. It goes without saying, but the bid must be submitted before 9.30 on Sunday.