saysky racing

#SAYSKYRACING: Get Running Again


What started as an initiative to spark some motivation and energy during the Corona lockdown, ended up developing into a series of weekly virtual races - and now, with 10 challenges in the book and some 2500 submissions, we decided to keep it going.


Challenge: run a total of 20k in one week

For some, the summer holidays are over and it's back to business, while others are still relaxing and taking some time off. Regardless of your current state of vacation-or-not, we thought it'd be good to check in and set you up with a weekly 20k challenge.

It doesn't really matter, whether you run 20k at once or in multiple sessions - we just want you to get running again. All submissions will take part in a lottery of 5 x Le Fix x SAYSKY Jackets.

The challenge period is from August 3 - August 9. The winners will be selected randomly and contacted directly.


How to register and take part in the race/lottery:
  • Challenge period: August 3 - August 9.
  • Submit your result before August 11, 9.00am CEST.
  • Upload a picture on your Instagram feed showing your weekly mileage (it doesn't need to be the first image shown, since we know that you care about your feed).
  • Whether you go for Strava, your GPS watch or any other way to state your weekly mileage is totally up to you.
  • Remember to include #SAYSKYRACING in the caption.


Lottery Winners

  • Gordon Clark
  • Jeanne Li Voß
  • Stefan Pitschmann
  • Jitka Hall
  • Birgitt Wenk