SAYSKY Merino wool

SAYSKY Merino wool

Merino wool is well-known and highly acknowledged for its performance abilities, warmth and comfort. We use Australian merino wool for all of our wool products, and we’re just blown away by the many advantages of this wonder fabric. We have summarised some of the most prominent upsides below, to get you equally excited and onboard the merino wagon. You can buy or entire merino collection here.


Naturally Odour Resistant

Due to the fiber’s unique properties, wool garments and textiles are naturally odour resistant. This mean that the fabric absorbs odour caused by bacteria and will trap their smell and keep them from building up. The garment will therefore remain fresh for much longer. You can wear merino wool for much longer time without having to worry about the smell compared to other fabrics, such as cotton and polyester.

Did you know that one of our good friends ran with the SAYSKY merino wool for a 1000k without washing it? Read the funny and quite outstanding story here.


100% Renewable

Wool is natural and as a result the natural fibers are renewable and will regrow and replace themselves. Unlike synthetic fabrics, which is industrially produced, wool is natural, because it comes from sheep. 

Besides being renewable, wool have a natural crimp and scale patterns that makes the wool easy to spin. Because of wool’s ability to absorb and release moisture, the garment is comfortable in all temperatures, which make the fabric ideal for performance wear.



Wool fibers are the most natural and renewable on the planet. It disappears after about 12 months in the ground. This mean that when wool is disposed it will naturally decompose. Wool is composed of the natural protein keratin (the same protein that makes up human hair) and will not pose as an environmental hazard.


What does all this mean?

  • Merino wool is amazing.

  • It is designed to perform - from running to travel and hiking.

  • It is natural, renewable and biodegradable, which make the garment the most sustainable to use compared to other synthetic fibers.

  • Merino wool is comfortable, odour resistent and warm.

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