SAYSKY Guide Purpose in the process

Purpose in the process

SAYSKY marketing coordinator and community chief Signe Øllgaard is a passionate runner who have tried to switch the focus from delivering perfect results at each race or workout, to actually enjoying the process and just see what happens!

Learn how to enjoy the process and train your mentality not to always focus on the end-results
It seems more and more these days that running has a “no days off” culture and that everyone is so focused on the end-results. The problem with this approach is that it leaves out some important aspects about the real purpose of running.

Running is about the true joy of moving, getting out and away from a busy day, meeting others and finding motivation in the process. In the end, it’s all about your own journey and seeing your results rather than being focused on what others do or being so focused on performing for a specific race or workout.

The process of your training is about patience and consistency. This article will help you to try switch your focus from the end-results and the big pressure we meet on social media today to try to focus on the process as well, and to have the courage to stand on the start line with a calm feeling and smile on your face!

The pressure
On social media we often see the pretty pictures, the best workouts and the best results. Therefore, many can come to believe that running is all about winning. But winning can mean so many different things from athlete to athlete. It can mean that you want to literally get to the finish line, to improve your time from last year, to beat your neighbor or to take the gold medal. Whatever motivates you to finish can sometimes be the biggest fear-factor for many runners. The fear to stand on the start-line can create a big pressure, simply because you fear to perform bad, that the legs won’t carry you through, that you could have trained more, trained harder or had a week more to prepare.

This pressure and negative self-talk can go on and on, which can force many to actually drop the race. We believe it’s important to sometimes stop and take a look on your training from a bigger perspective. If you do this, you will relax more in your races and at workouts because it helps switch the focus on one session/workout to look at your training from above. Deep down you also know that one race or one workout won’t define you as a runner. When looking at your training from this perspective, you will likely experience that the pressure will be lifted from your shoulders. Now you can actually have fun when running. If you want to read more about letting go and having fun, we strongly recommend to read the article we did with SAYSKY athlete Tabea Themann here.

SAYSKY Guide Purpose in the process

Enjoy the process
When you change your focus and the pressure is off, you will experience that the end-results are not always everything. Therefore, it’s so important to sometimes enjoy the process. Fear should never be part of your mentality whenever you are training or racing. This may sound easier than it actually is. But it’s important to shift your mentality from being nervous about workouts or races, to become excited about them. Consistency and finding purpose in your training should be a goal. It’s okay to have a bad day and it’s okay to have a bad race – but you should remember to have fun in your training too. And really, don’t think too much about your training.

Sometimes it’s actually not bad to have a busy schedule or a lot going on at home, at work etc. because your switch your focus from running to something else. We know this works for a fact and our good friend Simon Holbek have touched upon this subject in the article you can read here.

Whenever you are in doubt or feel the pressure, try to focus on the small goals. This can be completing your workouts and sessions, finding a good rhythm and finding momentum in this, enjoy your training with a training partner or a group, and make sure to treat yourself afterwards.  

Remember that self-talk actually works – not the negative kind as mentioned above. Tell yourself “I can do this”, “I will finish strong today”, “I am looking forward to this workout/race” etc. Building confidence is an important part of practice and to train your mentality. Also, it helps sometimes not to take your races too seriously. Try to focus on what meal your will treat yourself afterwards, or that this is a good training for you.

Believe in yourself
If you have the patience to be relaxed about your workouts or races, we promise you this will make you a stronger runner. Courage is not the opposite of fear, it comes from being comfortable in what you do. Believe in yourself and in your training whenever you have the small doubts. Trust the process! And trust that you have done everything correctly.

SAYSKY’s mantra is that you should be brave! Therefore, it’s not about pleasing others or necessarily being the best. It’s about being your own best and enjoying the process while becoming your best. 

By the way, if speaking about process and you need any inspiration on how to train for a marathon, you can find a handy guide made by SAYSKY athlete Sebastian Reinwand here.

SAYSKY Guide Purpose in the process