Keep the race vibes going #sayskyconfetti

We can't be the only ones missing just blasting through a cloud of confetti in the powerzone, as we charge towards the finish line. But for now, this is unfortunately still a thing of the past.


So, to get those race vibes going again, we've created a 100 small bags of biodegradable confetti, with the hope that you'll bring it along on your next run, throw it up in the air and then run right through it, as if you're celebrating a new PB. 


SAYSKY confetti


Why might you ask?

Well, because we love running, we miss racing and we had a shitload of fun doing this ourselves and we thought you should get the chance too.


Win a 100€ SAYSKY Gift Card

Help us with spreading some positivity and good vibes in these challenging times:

  • Snap a picture of your confetti attempt (or just a picture of the provided card and confetti bag)
  • Put it on Instagram with #sayskyconfetti
  • Then you're in the lottery for 3 x 100€ SAYSKY gift cards
  • The 3 x winners will be contacted directly by the end of june


SAYSKY confettiSAYSKY confetti