• Copenhagen Recap: SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Copenhagen Recap: SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Some 40 brave runners toed the starting line for the second edition of the SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race in Copenhagen on December 5. The stakes were higher this time around - with no course, guidance or checkpoint map handed out before takeoff. They were only given the first checkpoint as part of the short race brief.

However, everything was flipped around, when they were told (just 10 sec before launch) that the first checkpoint was actually not the one first given to them. Regardless, off they went - into the night. Some, a little bit more composed than others.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Ultimately, they had to track down 5 checkpoints, before returning to base. Google Maps said 8,7km. However, there were a handful of runners who outsmarted Google Maps, but also a whole lot of runners who had to cover 9, 10 or 11km of pavement in order to complete the course. You can check out the Strava Flyby for a realtime breakdown of how the runners went about the course.

This was yet another super fun race and different kind of challenge for the runners. We'll be back in 2019 with loads of events throughout Europe. So stay tuned for more as we go live with the next events. Meanwhile, you can browse some of the race pictures below or see the full lineup here. You'll also find the individual race times further down.

SAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceSAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceSAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceSAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceSAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Start List / Results

  • Anne Holm: 32:58
  • Caroline Wolf: 44:06 (female winner)
  • Helene Draborg: 57:45
  • Julie Høgh: 44:42
  • Julie Hyld: 44:44
  • Katrine Preisler: 57:45
  • Christina Gründahl Molbo: 58:00
  • Nina Hansen: 39:33
  • Terese Ammundsen: 1:00:57
  • Eduardo Lima: 50:44
  • Allan Steen Olesen: 33:37
  • Andreas Pietras Bøgh: 36:38
  • Christoffer Hagemann: 37:15
  • Nikolaj Dam: 32:24
  • Valdemar Baltzersen: 43:14
  • Emil Holm: 42:54
  • Jesper Halvorsen: 41:06
  • Joakim Skovlund: 41:04
  • Kasper Rebenstorf: 32:31
  • Lars Ryberg Vikkelsø: 45:49
  • Leon Kofoed: 32:22 (male winner)
  • Lars Pedersen: 38:31
  • Malthe Poulsen: 36:59
  • Marquis Caldwell: 1:00:58
  • Mikael Drasbek Kanstrup: 38:46
  • Arne Jakobsen: 36:14
  • Oliver Hostrup Sahlberg: 40:02
  • Pascal Nordgren Timshel: 40:57
  • Peter Jensen: 43:25
  • Patrick Møller Kjellmann: 44:07
  • Rasmus Rune Raabjerg: 57:31
  • Renaldas Bugys: 36:27
  • Thomas Ryaa: 42:16
  • Michael Christensen: 43:24
  • Søren Hansen: 44:45
  • Steffen Falch: 33:29
  • Michael Jeppesen: 36:12
  • Martin Freddy Guhle: 38:43
  • Allan Vang Rosenbjerg: 35:34
  • Michael Stewart Fogh: 49:28 

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