Terms and Conditions

The terms and conditions below regulate the use of the saysky.dk. The terms and conditions below also regulate the sales carried out on the SAYSKY shop function localized on saysky.dk. See further down for Danish.

The personal information you forward to saysky.dk will only be used in order to fulfill the undertakings SAYSKY Shop have and to assure you the best service. A statistical log system is used at saysky.dk, gathering information to help create a statistical picture of the no. of visitors and hits to the web-site. The log system is used as a means of optimizing the website for user friendliness and functionality.

In order for you, as a customer, to make a purchase of goods at saysky.dk you must register the following information:
- Name
- Address
- Tel. No.
- E-mail address

These information are registered and kept with SAYSKY for 5 years before being deleted. The information is being kept for the purpose of delivery of goods to the right address. When gathering these information via our website, we do so only at your consent. All employees of SAYSKY have access to these information.
The details are passed on to the delivery/shipping company in order for the delivery to be executed. No sensitive information are passed on. As a registrant with SAYSKY ApS you have a legal right to know what information are stored, according to 'Persondataloven'. Any enquiries regarding this should be addressed to SAYSKY via e-mail on support@saysky.dk.
SAYSKY also have the option to provide you with informational and promotional emails. If you wish to end your subscription of information from saysky.dk, please send an email to support@saysky.dk.
For the safety of your personal information, saysky.dk uses Thawte Web Server SSL Certificates to encrypt information passed to and from the website during registration and checkout. When placing an order, you can immediately check the security validity by clicking the padlock icon that appears in the URL line of your browser window when SSL is activated.

Cookies are used by the saysky.dk in order to improve your experience when browsing and using the website. The cookie identifies your computer and allows the site to remember your personal settings. saysky.dk will not operate properly when cookies are disabled in your web browser.

SAYSKY's ambition is for the website to always be up and running, however saysky.dk cannot guarantee this.
Saysky.dk cannot guarantee that all the products shown are available at the time you place your order. In the event the product you order is no longer available you will be contacted by e-mail shortly after placing your order.

Due to the color settings of your computer, the colors of the products shown in the pictures in the SAYSKY Shop can differ from their actual colors. Saysky.dk cannot be held responsible for any such discrepancy.
To help you decide what size to choose we have created a measurement guide to most of the products for sale on-line. All measurements are approximate and slight variance may occur. Please have this average sizing in mind and note that +/- 1cm on each measurement may occur.

The price of each product is stated excluding shipping costs but inclusive of the Danish rate of VAT (25%) and all import taxes within the EU.

Please note that local charges (customs duty, sales tax) can occur, depending on your region and local customs duties. These charges are at your own expense.

Saysky.dk reserves the right to change prices of the products sold. The prices of the products will, during the time of placing an order, be valid throughout that specific process. We however take reservations for typing errors.


There's a two-year warranty on all products purchased from saysky.dk. The product in question must be brought to our attention no later than two months after the discovery of the product fault. The warranty does not cover products that have been damaged due to usage or what is generally referred to as wear and tear. SAYSKY does not cover the return costs for warranty cases.

Saysky.dk accepts payment by VISA, Mastercard and PayPal. Only 3D secure transactions are accepted when paying with credit cards.

3D secure systems are based on a payment authentication process where a cardholder making a purchase is verified to be the real cardholder. 3D secure (ie. Verified by Visa and MasterCard SecureCode) is a service developed to ensure that transactions can only be made by the card-holder. It is up to the card provider (your bank) to confirm your identity when your credit/debit card is used to make purchases over the Internet.
You will be required to enter a password that you have previously arranged with, or been given by your bank. This password is controlled by your bank through an encrypted and secure server. When confirmed the order will be processed as per usual. The full payment is charged when the package is dispatched.
Saysky.dk cannot be held responsible for any currency changes or currency exchange rates any bank may apply or use.

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