SAYSKY Events and Races

Community is the core and driving force of SAYSKY. We’re deeply inspired by the many cool athletes representing and following us around the world. We love to create events and connect with these people as well as inviting new passionate runners into the fold.

Organizing events is our chance to give back and give the runners unique race experiences. Because all of our events will challenge the runners in a way that’ll take them out of their comfort zone, while celebrating the social aspect of the sport.




SAYSKY Event Lineup: below you can read about the full event lineup - all created and organized by SAYSKY. If you have questions about any of the events, always feel free to reach out to our customer service - support@saysky.dk:


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SAYSKY Sub Rosa is a low-key street race that’ll require navigational skills and local city knowledge. In order to win, you’ll need to be quick on your feet and even quicker with your decisions.

Sub Rosa is about finding a series of checkpoints throughout the city. No specific course, rules or guidelines other than the whereabouts of the first checkpoint – given shortly before takeoff. First one to return wins. The races are hosted in major cities across Europe, Japan and Korea together with local running crews.

Read more about the Sub Rosa Race right here.


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SAYSKY100 is a team-based ultra-relay race, where each team takes down 100k. It sounds like a lot and it will be tough, but the burden is shared by the four people on a team and only one person will be running at a time. The three others will be on bikes, skateboards or however they prefer to relax the legs, while waiting for their turn to hit the ground running (non-motorized transportation modes only). 

So, this is really a matter of strategy, comradery and team effort to fight their way through the course. We guarantee that they’ll be pushed to the limit, while experiencing beautiful nature and places they’ve never run before.

More info coming soon.


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SAYSKY Smoke Track Cup is a team-based track meet over the course of a full day, where the runners will battle it out in different heats and distances. Ultimately, the best teams will advance to the final in a heated, brutal and very tactical elimination round, where the slowest runners will be eliminated after each lap. The longer you stay on the track, the more points you’ll earn to your team in order to claim the title.

This race is all about embracing running comradery and getting people together for a full day of track running, socializing and good vibes – while challenging the conservative mindsets and taking the runners out of the one-race-a-day comfort zone.

More info coming soon.


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SAYSKY Fight Club is an underground league-style race, where the distance and location are secret, but expect short and explosive battles in order to stay on top. You win - you're promoted. You lose - you're relegated. It’s simple, quick and street dirty

For more info about the race and upcoming events.


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SAYSKY Cop Run is an urban and relay-style race concept based on all-out intervals together with your best friends, training buddies or colleagues. The race pays tribute to the social and collective values in running. We want to celebrate the communal aspect of running, because it is just more fun when we do it together. But it is also about leaving the comfort zone and taking it to the next level.

In teams of three, you'll take down 15x1000m intervals - relay style.

You can read all about the Cop Run philosophy and our upcoming races right here.



SAYSKY RunEase is a social run made for women only. The sole purpose of SAYSKY RunEase is to draw attention towards the issues of women's safety on the run and how it's a shame that the urban environment doesn't provide a sense of security due to lack of light on the popular routes. Because of our gender, we must constantly think about how to be safe and women often feel at risk. We know there are things we shouldn’t do and places we shouldn’t go. Therefore, we decided to make this social event for women to meet up and run together.

If you want to read more about this social event, you can do so right here