SAYSKY Sub Rosa lookbook

AW18 Running: SAYSKY Sub Rosa

Sub Rosa is latin for ‘under the rose’. It signifies secrecy and this collection symbolically represents our commitments to exclusivity and keeping our name away from the corporate world. The SAYSKY Sub Rosa collection is defined by a stealthy and dark camouflage pattern, paired with details, prints and labels in red
SAYSKY AW18 Running

AW18 Running: Copenhagen Cold Times

This is the third and final instalment of the SAYSKY AW18 lookbook campaign - shot on the run, through the streets of Copenhagen. Drop three includes the more winter ready styles such as heavy merino pieces and accessories, fleece tops and winter tights. Browse the full lookbook here.

SAYSKY Triathlon Aero Suit 3.0

SS18 Triathlon: SAYSKY Aero Suit 3.0

The new SAYSKY Aero Suit 3.0 is a premium triathlon weapon designed to take down the competition in style. The suit is absolutely not made for walking and you'll definitely be taken seriously when you show up and look ready for combat. Check out the lethal pictures of the triathlon suit right here.
SAYSKY Spring Summer 18 Running

SS18 Running: The L.A. Universe

This is the second instalment of our lookbook series from the city of angels and Spring/Summer 18 running campaign. We took the new SAYSKY gear for a spin on the local track, up in the mountains and through downtown Los Angeles. This is a true universe for runners. Check out the inspirational pictures here.

SAYSKY spring summer 18 running

SS18 Running: The Colours of L.A.

For our Spring/Summer 18 lookbook, we decided to hop on the plane and head over to the US west coast for a California and L.A. based running adventure. Los Angeles is a true paradise for runners with its year-round warm temperatures and diverse running scene.
SAYSKY SS18 Running

SS18 Running: Tropical Summer Vibes

High summer and tropical running vibes. The third drop of the SAYSKY Spring/Summer 18 running collection is a colourful and vibrant mix of flowers and urban camouflage. You'll look super fly, whether you choose to tackle the beach or your favourite summer race in either one of these styles. Have a great summer out there.

SAYSKY Møns Klint Lookbook

AW17 Running: Møns Klint late summer vibes

As part of the first drop of the SAYSKY AW17 running collection we decided to take advantage of the late summer vibes and explore the beautiful scenery around Møns Klint.
SAYSKY Lookbooks

AW17 Running: Cold Water Hawaii

With our roots in surf, it seemed like an obvious choice to explore Klitmøller. A small town in the north of Denmark, commonly referred to as Cold Water Hawaii. Klitmøller boasts a beautiful coastal scenery that can take away the breath from most big city dwellers.

saysky merino tech

AW17: Merino Tech Lifestyle

The SAYSKY Merino Tech lifestyle range is a perfect hybrid between everyday coolness, urban attitude and high performance sportswear. Go for a jog or catch up with your friends at the cafe. You might even do both. These products have been designed to serve you on and off the course. Check out the lookbook here.
SS17 Triathlon: SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0

SS17 Triathlon: SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0

As soon as the new SAYSKY Aero Suit 2.0 landed in Copenhagen, we took it straight to an abandoned military air base up north and put it to the test together with a couple of SAYSKY athletes.

SS17 Running: From Marathon to Athens

SS17 Running: From Marathon to Athens

SAYSKY went to Greece to explore and take on the origins of the marathon race. The SS17 Running lookbook explores the landscapes between Marathon and Athens.
SAYSKY Lookbooks

SS17 Sportswear: Military Airbase Lifestyle

The SAYSKY SS17 Sportswear and Lifestyle range was shot at an old and abandoned military airbase north of Copenhagen. The collection includes a small selection of clean and simple wardrobe staples.