• Winter Running: Guide to Layering Up

Winter Running: Guide to Layering Up


We're firm believers in layers, when it comes to winter running. Having different layering options in your running wardrobe is probably the best way to get through winter and the ever changing weather conditions. The SAYSKY Arctic Fleece is about as versatile as a running piece can get and here's how you can use it to combat the winter:

Cold: SAYSKYDRY top inner layer. Artic Fleece outer layer.
Colder: Merino Tech Top inner layer. Arctic Fleece outer layer.
Coldest: Artic Fleece inner layer. Windproof running jacket outer layer.
Arctic Warrior: triple up on the layers with a merino base layer, arctic fleece as the mid and a wind jacket to shield you from the elements. 

    The waffle fleece fabric provides optimal heat retention, while remaining very breathable at the same time. The material is super flexible allowing for complete freedom to move during the most demanding sessions. Give this to someone who goes hard during winter or put it on your wish list if you're an arctic running warrior yourself. Available for both men and women. Check out the full line up below and shop it here.

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