How to juggle everyday life and elite running ambitions?

Simon is the current Danish national marathon champion and very soon he’ll be off to the World Athletics Half Marathon in Gdynia, Poland on October 17 – representing the national team for the first time. We had a talk with Simon about his training ambitions and what it means to have a family, full-time job and run at an elite level at the same time.

saysky ab training group

AB Training Group

Have you ever wondered how big a coach's role is for a training group? Meet Allison Benton, founder and coach of the AB Training Group in Brighton, England, who is a former elite runner that transformed her love for running into coaching. Read the interview here. 

saysky runease

SAYSKY RunEase - Interview with Laura about running and safety

The SAYSKY RunEase social running event is an event for women only. We want to put focus on women's safety when running alone and in this blogpost you can read a strong interview with Laura who thought she was running alone an early morning in December, only quickly to find out that she was not alone. Read the interview here.
SAYSKY Kristian Kyed

1000 km in Merino Wool - without wash

Say hi to Kristian, a passionated runner, who had been running a lot of kilometers in his merino wool tee before Lars, SAYSKY founder and CEO, challenged him to try to run 1000 km in the tee without washing it. And so, he did! Read the whole interview with Kristian here and get inspired by this awesome story. 

SAYSKY Athlete Thor Bendix

Youngster with big future dreams

Thor Bendix is young, strong and ready for the future. The youngster that started his passion for triathlon when he was 15 years old have learned to cope with pain and setbacks. Read the interview we did with SAYSKY athlete Thor here and prepare yourself to be wowed.
SAYSKY Lars C Pedersen

70.3 Ironman World Championships Race Impressions

CEO and dedicated sportsman, Lars C. Pedersen, went to Nice two weeks ago, excited to race the 70.3 Ironman World Championships. Lars can look back at the race in Nice with a smile on his face and with a whetted appetite for more. Read the full interview here. 

SAYSKY Athlete Andreas Strassner: Running

Age should never be a limitation!

Andreas Straßner is a 40-year-old German runner and is known primarily for his performances at half marathons, marathons and the Wings for Life World Run. Strassi doesn't see age as a limitation and this bad-ass runner can't be stopped. Read the full interview here. 

SAYSKY Mount Elbrus Jan Grarup

Climbing Mount Elbrus with Jan Grarup

Muscles tested to the maximum, sunburns everywhere, long days, long nights and getting used to the altitude. This is the harsh reality of Jan Grarup and Tom Tramborg, two best friends, who decided to climb Mount Elbrus, the highest mountain in Europe. Read the inspiring interview here. 

SAYSKY Athlete Tabea Themann: Running

Don't take running too seriously

SAYSKY athlete Tabea Themann's mantra is: “Don’t take life too seriously. Punch it in the face when it needs a good hit. Laugh at it”, which in a nutshell describes Tabea and her approach to running. Read the interesting interview here. 

SAYSKY Athlete Sebastian Engwald

Keeping up with paratriathlete Sebastian Engwald

Say hi to Sebastian, 31-year old amputee who lost a part of his leg in a boating accident in 1999. Is this holding him back, though? Hell no. He's an Ironman finisher and he competes in the international paratriathlon PTS4 elite, while gunning for a spot at the Tokyo 2020 Olympics.

SAYSKY Green Flowers

Green Flowers on the Trail: Interview with Mads Bloch

Say hi to Mads - former competitive kitesurfer turned passionate trail runner. Mads is a Copenhagen native who now lives in Cape Town. While visiting Denmark, we took the opportunity to invite him on a trail run up north, where he put the new green flower collection to the test.
SAYSKY Athlete Brian Arreborg Hansen

Interview with the Peanut Butter Minister: former national marathon champ

Brian's a former national marathon and 100k ultra champ and a current member of the Danish ultra team. However, recently he has emerged as somewhat of an icon on the local running scene - and we totally get it. We're fans too.