• SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Map/Start List: Copenhagen

SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race Map/Start List: Copenhagen

This is how you'll be racing through the streets of Copenhagen for the first ever SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race. Study the course checkpoints carefully, as there'll be no one telling you how to break it down or find them, once the gun goes off.

Practical Info and Guidelines:

  • Please note that the checkpoints much be reached in a sequential order and that the start and finish is the same place (SAYSKY HQ).
  • You'll also need to bring a special item from each of the checkpoints to prove that you've been there.
  • There'll be a SAYSKY Sub Rosa person at each checkpoint to handout the special items and to make sure that the checkpoints are being met in the correct order (failure to do so will result in disqualification).
  • The gun goes off at 18.00 on October 30 from the SAYSKY HQ / Willemoesgade 7C.
  • Check-in and pick up your free race singlet no later than 17.30 (there'll be a quick race briefing shortly after).
  • The Sub Rosa race singlet is your race bib and must be worn during the race. Use a base layer or sleeves if it's too cold.
  • You can leave your personal belongings safely at the SAYSKY HQ, while racing.
  • Look below for a breakdown of each checkpoint.
  • If you're interested in checking out who you'll be racing against, then scroll down for the start list.


SAYSKY Sub Rosa Map

Checkpoint 0 is the start and finish area. This is SAYSKY HQ - located on Willemoesgade 7C. Please check-in here no later than 17.30.


SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Checkpoint 1 is located in the tunnel that goes under Dronning Louises Bro.


SAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceCheckpoint 2 is at Statens Museum for Kunst - more specifically by the pond in front of the main entrance.


SAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceCheckpoint 3 is the final stop, before you'll return to the start/finish area. We'll be waiting for you at the Little Mermaid.


SAYSKY Sub Rosa Race

Full Course Map. Get ready to roll on October 30 at 18.00 from the SAYSKY HQ.


Start List/Results

  • Rasmus Jacobsen: 24:49
  • Jesper Due: 26:04
  • Andreas Bredgaard: 26:18
  • Valdemar Balterzen: 26:28
  • Hung Huynh: 25:46
  • Christina Molbo: 31:07
  • Jens Pors: 30:18
  • Niels Larsen: 30:02
  • Nikolaj Marker: 27:37
  • Peter Bendix Taarnhøj: 26:40
  • Lars Markussen: 32:56
  • Louise Gründahl Molbo: 34:15
  • Daniel Freyr Eliasson: 27:41
  • Martin Paulo Kaae: 25:32
  • Julie Hyld: 27:43 (female winner)
  • Jannie Jensen: 27:44
  • Kari Thrastarson: 27:41
  • Lars Ryberg Vikkelsø: 29:45
  • Christoffer Hagemann: 23:27
  • Dennis Foldager: 24:47
  • Kasper Rebenstorf: 23:24
  • Sender Clausen: 25:39
  • Kristian Brandstrup: 25:34
  • Martin Freddy Guhle: 25:59
  • Arne Jakobsen: 23:18
  • Victoria Rosberg: 28:05
  • Klaus Hansen: 29:51
  • Kim Mortensen: 28:15
  • Kasper Skora: 25:12
  • Kim Munk: 34:02
  • Thomas Ehlers: 21:04 (male winner)
  • Nicolaj Weber: 29:54
  • Lasse Rasmussen: 30:45
  • Jacob Ibing: 20:55
  • Michael Jeppesen: 23:48
  • Alex Abrahamsen: 26:35
  • Simon Guldhammer: 28:39
  • Steffen Falch Grøndahl: 22:06


SAYSKY Sub Rosa RaceGPS course map from one of the runners with the quickest way through town.

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