• SAYSKY SS20-1 Highlight: White Falcon print

SAYSKY SS20-1 Highlight: White Falcon print


If you haven't already noticed, the Spring/Summer 2020 collection is live and running. Last week we presented one of our absolute highlights of the drop 1 range: the Dark Falcon print, and in this blogpost we want to present the White Falcon print to you. 

Below the picture, you can find all the information you need on the white print.


saysky white falcon

The dark and white falcon print is a totally new print we have created in 2020, and we have been quite excited for these items to go live. 

Both Falcon prints represent courage, willpower and determination, and we have added a Danish poem on many of the Dark Falcon items. The poem basically speaks about flying through the streets and cities, being light as a feather and as a falcon. You can shop the Falcon collection right here

You can find our White Falcon print on several items, just as the dark print. We offer the White Falcon print on the running jacket for women, but also on shorts, singlets and t-shirts. For the men out there wanting to wear the cool print as well, you can find them on our 2 in 1 shorts, t-shirts and singlets. Shop the range here.

Wear the print when you want extra motivation or simply if you just want to put the hammer down. 

 saysky white falcon saysky white falcon

saysky white falcon

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