• SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: Dark Falcon

SAYSKY SS20 Highlight: Dark Falcon

The new Spring/Summer 2020 range is something we are proud to present to you. Not only is this collection the mark of a new year, new changes and thereby new clothes. But for this season, we have never made this many colors or prints before. 

And the first one we'd like to introduce, is the Dark Falcon series. Read more about it below or shop it here.

 saysky dark falcon print

The Dark Falcon

One of the absolute highlights this season is the Dark Falcon print. The reason why we have chosen the Falcon print on the clothes, is because the falcon has long been a symbol of vigilance and of the rising sun. In Egypt, the Gods bore the Falcon head - especially Ra, known as the king of Gods and for being very powerfull. As the falcon is the "king of birds", it represents victory and great power. This we wanted to bring out in the clothes, as we would like everyone to wear the Falcon prints with great ambitions and with dreams of doing something that takes willpower, passion and courage. 

On many of the Falcon pieces, we have added a Danish poem, which says: 

"Svæv gennem byerne. Sus gennem gaderne. Du er let som en fjer. Som en falk".

In short, this poem speaks about flying through the cities and streets. Being light as a feather and being like a falcon. 

This pretty much somes up the essence of the SAYSKY Spring/Summer 2020 items. That you should worry less, dream more and follow your goals. Wear the clothes with comfort, knowing you can do the impossible! 


saysky dark falcon print

New collection online

Already now, you can buy the new range from drop 1. You can do so right here.

Our new Falcon jackets, both available for men and women, are jackets that will keep you warm, comfortable and safe during your entire run. Wear this on a chilly night, on your way to thegym or when going out on those early morning rides. 

Another piece that is worth shopping this season is our Falcon tank tops and running t-shirts

Finally, we have printed the Falcon on a handful of our shorts for both men and women. You can find all the new Falcon printed shorts right here

If you scroll down, you will get a glance of the new Falcon print. 


saysky dark falcon print

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Looking to buy clothes? Visit our shop right here for the latest arrivals and newest pieces. We promise you, there is something for everyone!  

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