• Passionate Cold Weather Running

Passionate Cold Weather Running

SAYSKY is driven by a passionate and global community of athletes, who very much like ourselves just loves to run. Often we come across cool and inspiring stories that we would like to share with the rest of you. This is one of them. The following piece has been written by Emmie Collinge - a British mountain runner living in Italy.

A Snowy Route to Recovery

Last winter I wasn’t able to run at all. I was inside on the turbo trainer and the elliptical as the snow continued to fall outside. I couldn’t even go for a snow-shoe hike in it, let alone run. It wasn’t the best of times.

At the end of 2016 I had all these goals laid out but an injury sidelined me for most of 2017. Now that I’m back running I’ve got to be mindful. The Italian national cross-country championships are coming up soon; two years ago I finished second there. Thanks to the on-going injury rehab I have to make a conscious effort to avoid my normal mountain terrain and seek out more even surfaces when I want to train these days. But flat, soft surfaces – like gravel or grass – are a bit of a rarity in the Italian mountains.

When we found ourselves in San Moritz last week for work it was mind-blowing. The Winterwanderwege were so beautifully maintained (in true Swiss style) that for some it might verge on over-clinical, but for my injury-prone body they were absolutely sublime. We parked up and set off, running past the fur-clad who’s-who and entering the Stazerwald, with its pristine fairytale-esque scenery, where the hard-packed snow was laid out like a white carpet for us. 

We often go to the Engadin valley in the summer to run up the various peaks and gravel bike around the lakes, but this experience gave me a whole new lease of energy for running. No cars, no injury concerns, just running easy and carefree, with nothing to slow us down – like how I used to run.

Emmie Collinge - Running Facts:

Emmie's a journalist who travels and runs the world together with her boyfriend Phil Gale, who's also a journalist/photographer (all photo credit goes to him). Emmie's a European Mountain Running Champion with a 10km pb of 33min and 5km of 16min. See what she's up to on her Instagram page.

She's wearing our Nordic Combat Tights and Arctic Fleece on the pictures.

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