• AW19 Highlight: Combat Jacket and Vest

AW19 Highlight: Combat Jacket and Vest

One of the highlights from the last drop of 2019, is our Combat Jacket and Vest. Both the jacket and the vest will serve as your new best friend, when it comes to autumn and winter running. Not only are they extremely lightweight, but they are also windproof, water resistent and packable if you need to bring it for a training camp or weekend getaway. 

The vest is perfect when you want that light feeling on your run, where the jacket will offer you a bit more protection on the arms. Wear one of our merino tee's under the jacket or vest, and you will be able to move in the cold for days! 

If you want to have a look on our entire selection of jackets, take a look here. We promise they will keep you running throughout the season. 

SAYSKY Combat jacketSAYSKY Combat jacket and vestSAYSKY Combat jacket and vest