Tom Gröschel: Running

Tom Gröschel: Running

Tom is one of the fastest long distance runner in Germany at the moment. He is a two time German champion on the marathon distance, with a PB of 2.13.49. It is not only on the Marathon distance that Tom is fast, his 29.34 10.000m and 64.52 half marathon PBs prove this. Besides running, Tom is a police officer and he is a great example of everything is possible with dedication and hard work! 
SAYSKY Athlete Tabea Themann: Running

Tabea Themann: Running

Tabea is a passionate mid and long-distance runner from Germany. When not running, Tabea is adventurous and no day passes in which her sportswear stays in the closet. Amongst many personal bests, Tabea has run 3000m in 9:15 and 10km in 33:50. 


SAYSKY Athlete Simon Stützel: Running

Simon Stützel: Running

Simon is part of the SAYSKY endorsed running club, Art Düsseldorf, in Germany. He's a quick motherf*cker on the half and full marathon distances. Simon was involved in a fatal accident not too long ago, which almost cost him his life, however, he managed to rise and recover from it and is now back in speedy action.
SAYSKY Athlete Sons of Running: Ultra Running

Sons of Running: Ultra Running

The Sons of Running aka Markus and Domi are two mountain lovers and ultra runners from Germany. They define what it means to be passionate about running and they do it while being absolutely cool and laid back at the same time.

SAYSKY Athlete Paul Schmidt: Running

Paul Schmidt: Running

Paul is one of the most laid back runners in Germany and you can sometimes even catch him running home from parties. However, he's still faster than most with PRs that speak for themselves: German 50k record holder, 10k sub 30 and half marathon sub 65m.
SAYSKY Athlete Sebastian Reinwand: Running

Sebastian Reinwand: Running

Sebastian is the head running coach of our incredibly fast German SAYSKY team. But he's no stranger to speed himself, with a 13:56 5000m time to his name alongside 10k in 29:16, half marathon in 65:09 and a full marathon in 2:15:27.

SAYSKY Athlete Andreas Strassner: Running

Andreas Straßner: Running

Strassi is showing that it's never too late to focus and start running fast. He's somewhat of a legend on the German running scene and we can understand why. He's a cool guy with very swift feet: 2:18:50 on the marathon, 66:02 on the half and 29:44 on a 10k.

SAYSKY Athlete Timo Göhler: Running

Timo Göhler: Running

Timo is chasing fast times on the track and long distances in Germany. He was the fastest German 10.000m runner in 2016 with a time of 28:57. Now the focus is on the marathon distance where he's trying to best his PR of 2:19:18. Good luck catching this guy.