Hurts so good

When we feel pain in training, we immediately stop or in any other way try to escape from it. So, as runners we must be lunatics to be willing to find pain on a regular basis and invite it into our training, right? This article touches upon the pain you feel in training and why you shouldn’t always stop! Read it here. 

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Quitters sometime win

As runners we prepare ourselves both physically and mentally for big races and workouts. But what do we do when the off-day hit us or we get injured before a race? Are we then losers? Read the article here about how quitting doesn't mean that you will lose, but you can win in the greater picture. 

SAYSKY Guide Purpose in the process

Purpose in the process

It seems more and more these days that running has a “no days off” culture and that everyone is so focused on the end-results. We strongly believe you should enjoy the process and have patience. Read our guide here on how to switch your focus and actually have fun on the start-line. 
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How to come back from a running injury

We have all been in this situation of wanting to give up, both mentally and physically when we are injured. Unfortunately, injuries are something pretty much any runner has to deal with at some point. Read how SAYSKY athlete Kathi Nüser kept her motivation high during her recent injury.